Two examples in regional development

Example 1:
Since the beginning of 2006 ECOZEPT has been commissioned to implement a pilot project to preserve the open landscape within the Nature Park “Black Forest Middle / North”. Together with the region’s actors and the initiators (Nature Park “Black Forest Middle / North, Rural District Office Offenburg) ECOZEPT conducted numerous workshops and expert interviews and developed strategies as well as measures to prevent that valuable grassland and pastures become overgrown by forest area. The project focuses on producing and marketing of regional beef: One of the most important marketing measures was the creation of an own label called “echt Schwarzwald”.

Example 2:
Initiated by the rural districts Ortenaukreis and Rottweil (Baden-Württemberg) ECOZEPT elaborated a future-oriented development plan for the region “Middle Black Forest” within the framework of the German LEADER programme. The conduction of a detailed regional analysis as well as expert interviews, several meetings and workshops resulted in a comprehensive SWOT-profile (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Based on this ECOZEPT and participating regional actors derived six concrete precise thematic scopes which will determine the future frame for action measures and projects. ECOZEPT pooled all results in the regional development plan by following current LEADER-guidelines of the land Baden-Württemberg. The rural districts Ortenaukreis and Rottweil will submit the plan at the government department for food and rural areas (Baden-Württemberg) with the objective to be potentially included into the European LEADER period 2007 to 2013. A governmental decision is  expected in autumn 2007.