Surface water protection

Bodies of water react very sensitively to nutrient input. If the nitrate and phosphate input is too high, it can lead to eutrophication and an ensuing overgrowth of algae. The impact of these nutrients on the surface water has been lowered by expanding canalization and sewage treatment plants. Because of this, the so-called diffuse input from agriculture has become the center of discussion.

In addition to nutrient input the risk of micro organism input, primarily caused by the use of slurry as an organic fertilizer, has to be focussed. Several of the measures to reduce nutrient input such as the cultivation of catch crops with mulching or undersown crops afterwards gain a high level of importance as well as measures to reduce the input of micro organisms. This are for example an optimized use of slurry in line with exact nutrient requirements. Besides, actual analyses results confirm the reduction of slurry’s micro organism concentration by storing it over a period of several months.

All of these mentioned measures have to be discussed with the farmers who are impacted by the issues because they engage in operations at varying levels. Personal consultations, regular newsletters, field visits and demonstrations make the sustainable implementation and acceptance of such measures possible.