Success in the "Münchner Grüngürtel" project

For 9 years now, Ecozept has been supporting farmers in the Munich Green Belt on behalf of the City of Munich in marketing their products. 3 years ago, the term "Münchner Grüngürtel" was protected by copyright. It gives consumers security about the regional origin of their food from the city of Munich or the neighbouring communities. At the moment, already 19 farmers (including horticulturists and beekeepers) have registered as trademark users. They can officially promote their products with the brand logo. Most products are sold on the farm, but some also go to selected restaurants in the Munich area. Munich's green belts are the undeveloped open spaces on the outskirts of Munich and in the transition area to neighboring communities.

An essential goal of the Munich Green Belt Project of the City of Munich, which has been launched in 1989 already, is to maintain and promote agricultural activities in a sustainable way and to enable an equal coexistence of agriculture, recreation and nature conservation. The City of Munich therefore supports its approximately 100 active farmers with the aim of establishing a regional market for high-quality agricultural products in Munich and neighboring districts. Further information on the users of the logo: