Our services in market research

We scrutinize all aspects of the market with modern, innovative methods - from organic foods and regional specialties to agricultural production, manufacturing, trade and consumption.

We are with you every step of the way: with our tailored research design, we help you analyze problems and targets to ensure you receive a clear basis for decision-making. We provide competent and reliable answers to your questions through our customer-oriented and practical work methods.

We offer the following range of services:

Computer-aided interviewing: face-to-face, telephone (CAPI/CATI), and online - using the most modern software available, we are also able to survey large random samples.
Delphi-Studies: we provide you with quick and easy access to knowledgeable experts.
Focus-Groups, Workshops: we determine the range and nature of the target groups' attitudes and opinions about products and trends by conducting individually selected research or by preparing quantitative surveys.
Quantitative Studies: By using large, random samples, we are able to collect information on consumer behavior and a broad range of opinions and attitudes about any given product. Thereafter, we analyze them with statistical procedures and the appropriate software.