Nature conservation

The goal of political decisionmakers and private environmental organizations is, first and foremost, the nationwide conservation of the cultural landscape and the expansion of living spaces close to nature. Because it uses the most space, agriculture plays a central role in this area.

There is a myriad of possible solutions that arise from the resulting tension between economy and ecology. ECOZEPT examines each individual case to determine which possibilities government subsidized conservation programs or subisidized initiatives from municipal or private sources offer. The objective is to place these measures into practice through a targeted, future-oriented consultation and through a flexible adaption to local conditions. ECOZEPT also develops and implements new, location-appropriate cultivation agreements.

The connection between economic and ecological issues is an important building block to ensure both the economic existence of agricultural businesses and natural living spaces. Oftentimes, cooperation is hindered among important conservationist, agricultural, forestry and hunting groups through prejudices or lack of information. ECOZEPT steps in to moderate and coordinate all the groups involved to avoid tensions and conflicts.