On June 1, ECOZEPT and the 15 other European project partners launched the research project "GLOPACK - Granting society with low environmental impact innovative packaging". The aim of the project is to facilitate access to innovative and eco-efficient food packaging for both consumers and companies. weiterlesen
When it comes to sustainable and high quality food schemes, all roads lead to Rome this week. For our Strength2Food project European and Asian researchers and stakeholders will converge towards the eternal city and work for the objective:  nourishing the planet tomorrow with high quality food, may it be origin labelled, organic, traditional or via public catering systems. weiterlesen
Best practice in public catering – this is the core issue of our Erasmus-meeting that will take place in Vienna on march 12-14. Hosted by our partners from GutEssen, partners from all over Europe will meet and work on exemples of how to put fresh, local and organic good food in public catering.   weiterlesen
Support farmers in valorising their products: that’s the objective of the mission that Ecozept is realising in Slovenia this week (30. January - 2. February). Better marketing for on-farm processed products and in direct selling are in the focus of three training and teaching sessions in Ljubljana and surroundings. weiterlesen
The organic market is profoundly changing, while market growth is strong, even in mature markets. The tendency towards regional origin bears challenges. How to succeed under these conditions? How to launch new products and how to stabilize existing business? Our market overviews on Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Great-Britain and the US provide practical solutions. weiterlesen