Market Research - Two Case Studies

Case Study 1:
A large European apple growers cooperative observed slumping sales and a narrowing in several of its sales markets. ECOZEPT evaluated organic apple farming world-wide by studying recent publications and interviewing experts on the subject. We also interviewed market partners and agents in the organic fruit industry in various European countries. We were able to develop a very clear profile of the industry's strengths and weaknesses and a series of practical solutions by analyzing the world-wide competition and the needs of the European market . These solutions have allowed the apple growers cooperative to win back lost markets and turn around the trends in falling sales.

Case Study 2:
ECOZEPT works together with fourteen research institutes in seven countries on the research project SUS-CHAIN (short for Marketing Sustainable Agriculture) to highlight the possibilities for sustainability in the food industry and to develop political and economic solutions. Individual branches in the food industry are analyzed and compared internationally through case studies.