Structuring a supply chain of organic pink meat of young bovine in Languedoc-Roussillon

The organic beef farmers of Languedoc-Roussillon wish to promote a special kind of meat which is typical for the methods of cattle-breeding in the mountains of southern France: pink meat, which comes from their production of young bovines between 8 and 12 months old.  For this purpose farmers, cooperatives and retailers launched collective measures. These measures are notably based on production rules which guarantee the origin and the quality of the meat.

On behalf of Sud et Bio (the organic interprofessional association of Languedoc-Roussillon), Ecozept realized an analysis of the regional market and the opportunities of valorizing this type of meat in different distribution channels. This work consisted in analysing consuming tendencies, interviewing butchers and visiting points of sale. We accompanied the creation of a brand to distinguish this local,organic and quality breeds meat on the regional market. Finally, we supported the collective in preparing the first steps for the functioning of the supply chain.


Community support to win back water quality by encouraging the market access opportunities of organic farming

The metropolitan community of Saint-Omer and the water supplier of Dunkerquois in Nord-Pas de Calais wish, in the context of their policy to win back water quality, to promote organic farming in their region. At first they consulted Ecozept to realize a study of opportunities for the organic farming. A supply and demand analysis for organic products in the region and an in-depth analysis of the regional organic sector, mainly relying on field surveys, allowed us to define different opportunities of action to support organic farming. Two of them have been chosen and we coordinate their implementation:

  • Assistance of three establishments for the introduction of local organic products in their food catering services (CASO – SMAERD)
  • Structuring a supply chain of regional organic bread. This project is supported by the Regional Council of Nord-Pas de Calais

Ecozept realizes this project in cooperation with Delphine Ducoeurjoly, independent consultant specialized in the organic sector and collective catering.