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LandManager WSG
Intelligent water protection management

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ECOZEPT and ZEBRIS have developed an intelligent solution for managing ground water protection areas : LandManager WSG  caters for all needs of land management  for water utilities.  The innovative information system is based on our long-standing experience with administering cooperative land management of agricultural areas to ensure maximum protection of water ressources.
LandManager WSG  provides maximum of user friendliness, easy handling, clarity and flexibility.

The individual project documents and all of its analyses directly appears in clearly arranged data entry fields in the WSG-Manager database. The continuous connection between WSG-Manager GIS and the WSG-Manger database on all management levels produces a clear point of reference and constantly updated data.

Stay informed and keep track of changes

The one thing you need most in your daily work with vast and complex information on land use, land tenure, properties, compensation payments and monitoring tasks is: clarity and overview.
LandManager WSG helps you manage your database and keep all your spatal information current and to the level of detail you need.   
LandManager WSG offers a multitude of tools to facilitate data administration and thus helps you save a lot of time. Complex tasks like compensation payments or monitoring reports on nitrate pollution are accomplished with a few mouse clicks. Plausibility controls help you make sure that all compensation payments are correct.

Agriculture’s smallest common surface unit is the land parcel. And this is what  LandManager WSG is based on, giving you a maximum of accurateness and flexibility. LandManager WSG not only handles these different land-use units but also lets you keep track of their spatial and temporal dynamics. This way you can easily produce maps on past and present conditions in your area, explore time series data for trends and monitor and evaluate the impact of your activities.

Tailored solutions

LandManager WSG is integrated with the industry leading  ArcGIS product family from ESRI. This ensures excellent scalability. Whether you plan to use LandManager WSG just on one PC or as part of an enterprise-wide GIS-solution: LandManager WSG will adapt to your requirements.

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LandManger system architecture

Ready for tomorrow

LandManager WSG provides a maximum of flexibility through its open architecture. Therefore, it can be readily used in other land management related tasks such as river basin management, flood protection or other programs involving payment for environmental services. Open programming interfaces allow for other software to access LandManager WSG data and methods.

Cooparative networking

LandManager WSG is able to integrate different kinds of data into the analysis, e.g. data material relating to water gauges, water chemistry and geology. Furthermore  the program is linked to the “GrundwasserManager” (ground water manager)  of  ahu AG Aachen and provides an interface to the software AquaInfo (GeoConcept Systeme).

Integrated control system

LandManager WSG helps you to manage your documentation and monitoring. During the data entry (agricultural usage, Nmin, etc.) a  specially developed control system ensures the compliance with user-defined control parameters. Field controls or self-monitoring can be supervised at any time.

Convincing arguments

LandManager WSG provides a range of possibilities to generate significant charts and complex analysis which are useful to convince steering boards and supervisors. Cartographic illustrations, clear diagrams and analysis according to each land parcel helps you to convincingly communicate your position towards farmers, consumers and media.