An example for Evaluation

Evaluation of the organic sector in Bavaria

Bavaria is the first German Land in terms of organic surfaces and farms. Nevertheless, Bavarian organic production still cannot supply the increasing local demand for organic products. The Bavarian Ministery for Food, Agriculture and Forestry (StMELF ) commissioned an assessment study of the weaknesses and potentialities of the organic sector in Bavaria.

Ecozept and the Research Consortium Triesdorf (including the Research Institute for Rural development in Frankfort, the Department of Agricultural Economy of the TUM and Professor Paul Michel from University of Weihenstephan – Triesdorf) jointly conducted this mission in 2013.

Obstacles to the development of Bavarian organic products’ market share were analysed. The experts provided recommendations on actions to run in order  to put forward the Bavarian organic sector, in consistency with the “BioRegio 2020” program currently developed by the Bavarian administration within the framework of the European policy.

Ecozept treated the following topics for this project : consumer behaviour, supply chains, incentives to stimulate processing and business activities, public relations, extension services, control system.