An example

Nutrient and micro organism Input Reduction in Lake Simssee (Bavaria)

Since several years the Association for Waste Water Removal in the Lake Sims Community (Upper Bavaria) has set the goal of reducing the phosphate and micro organism levels in the lake in cooperation with the farmers. The level of phosphate and micro organism input is a decisive factor for water quality and its use for swimming.

In this exemplary area the Association offers the farmers contracts for voluntary cooperation that ECOZEPT has developed by communication with the farmers. The contracts foster the expansion of catch crops with ensuing mulching, undersown corn crops and following fertilizing distances from ditches. These measures reduce soil and nutrient erosion as well as the erosion of organic fertilizers from the surface, thereby lowering the input of nutrients and micro organisms in Lake Sims.

ECOZEPT conducts discussions with the farmers who were impacted by these issues, introduces them to the cooperative models and finalizes contracts. Fertilization management in the operations is an additional point for consultation. The farmers receive compensation for implementing measures which conserve water. In addition to the consultation meetings, we also introduce cultivation methods for water conservation by conducting field visits, demonstrations and by sending regular circulars.