Ecozept in Beijing: UpCycling Agricultural Residues into Bio-Products

Ecozept is participating this week in the international congress on circular economy in the agro-food sector, In Beijing: UpCycling Agricultural Residues into Bio-Products (in the framework of NOAW - a Horizon 2020 project). We share experiences on sustainable agriculture and food waste management with a network of stakeholders. The challenges are enormous. For instance, China is raising half of all the domestic pigs in the world. Chinese livestock generates more than 9 billion tons of manure each year. Parts of it are used in biogas plants and China has particularly invested into small household biogas plants, of which 43 million exist all over the country, providing 200 million people with energy from circular economy. This is only one example of what we can learn from China to reduce ecological impacts from the agro-food business, and it is crucial to circulate these good practice examples in Europe as well. By the way: our trip to China is climate-neutral (by CO2 compensation of the emissions caused by the travel).