ECOZEPT is a German-French based private market research and marketing consulting agency that is engaged, since its foundation in 2000, in the matter of sustainable agro-food markets. A main weight lies on market research, market intelligence and marketing approaches for the sustainable domains in the agro-food business (organic products, regional products, typical products etc.). Partner of research and teaching institutions, ECOZEPT is part of an active network of similar agencies, governmental institutions, the agro-food industry (foremost SME) and extension services in Germany and France, but as well in other European countries. The team of a dozen agriculture and marketing experts is working at the headquarters in Freising, next to Munich (Germany) and in the French office in Montpellier.

Our services include:

  • Market research and market intelligence
  • Marketing conception for regional and sustainable initiatives
  • Consultancy in marketing: branding, distribution, communication
  • Teaching and Training
  • Policy advice and evaluation