30 percent organic by 2030? - a realistic milestone!

Ecozept and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL Projekte GmbH) get to the bottom of this question in the latest issue of the German trade journal Ökologie und Landbau (Ecology and Farming). You can download the current journal article here.

The journal article summarizes the core results of a feasibility study for the Green Party in Bavaria. The goal of 30% organic farming by 2030 set in the petition "Save the Bees" in Bavaria is assessed to be realistic on the production side. However, the demand for organic food must increase significantly to reach the 30% market goal. According to the authors, the public authorities have a responsibility to enhance the demand side, for example through communication campaigns to consumers or through increased demand from the public sector.

The complete feasibility study can be downloaded here.

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